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Minnesota Criminal Attorney
Experienced Civil Rights Attorney in Minnesota

Civil rights attorney with a practice geared against abusive
insurance companies and bad law enforcement authorities

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Two of the most powerful entities in the United States are law enforcement and insurance companies. Without vigorous representation, both can unsettle citizens’ lives in appalling ways. Kenneth Udoibok represents individuals and organizations in insurance coverage disputes as well as conflicts with law enforcement authorities. Kenneth’s insurance claims practice involves helping homeowners, contractors, condominiums, and townhome associations process their insurance claims. Kenneth’s government practice involves bringing suit against law enforcement personnel who abuse citizens (police brutality). As a civil rights attorney, Kenneth Udoibok also expertly pursues civil lawsuits in the court of law as a civil rights attorney.

Kenneth has developed a strong reputation as one of the most vigorous litigators against bad insurance companies and bad cops. Those insurance companies often notorious for delaying and denying claims approach with great caution lawyers whose practice exposes insurance companies’ bad faith practices. Bad cops are forced to cease their cruelty with Kenneth involved in a case. Why? Kenneth is a tough and relentless advocate for his clients. Bad cops and bad insurance companies should never be comfortable abusing people.

Kenneth served as a Deputy County Attorney and Head of Division with the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office in Duluth, Minnesota. He brings his experience as a manager and prosecutor to his cases. His big-figure jury verdicts, settlements and appraisal awards stand in testament to his skills. There is no case too large or too small for Kenneth.

When Kenneth is not in court or doing legal work, he trains organizations to increase employee productivity through competency training. The ever increasing internationalization in our economic, political, and social arenas compel organizations to develop greater understanding of interpersonal and cross-cultural contact.

civil-and-criminal-litigation-minnesotaPrior to this firm, Kenneth was a founding partner of Udoibok, Tupa & Hussey, PLLP., where he practiced in civil and criminal litigation. He had also served as a college instructor and labor relations representative for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Before beginning his law practice, Kenneth worked as a photojournalist for KSTP-TV 5, KARE-TV 11 and KMSP-TV and worked in the Minnesota State Senate as a media technician. Kenneth graduated from William Mitchell College of Law in 1995. Kenneth’s credentials as a community leader include work as an ordained pastor for the Apostolic Church and service in various civic organizations such as the New American Forum, The Minnesota Advocate for Human Rights, and the St. Paul Charter Commission. The Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, and various other newspapers and magazines have published Kenneth’s articles. Kenneth is a member of the American Association for Justice, Hennepin County Bar Association, Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers, and Minnesota State Bar Association.



Mitchell Hamline School of Law
Doctor of Law (JD)
1992 – 1995

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Film/Cinema/Video Studies
Television/Film Production



I have built a reputation on representing individuals and organizations against powerful entities, such as law enforcement authorities and multimillion dollar insurance companies, who possess the power to disturb citizen’s lives in appalling ways. My insurance claims practice involves helping homeowners, contractors, condominiums and townhome associations process their insurance claims. In my litigation practice, I have developed a reputation as one of the most vigorous litigators against parties who take advantage of, and abuse the rights of, individuals and businesses. I am a tough and relentless advocate for my clients and have built my career fighting back against those who abuse their power and the people they are supposed to serve.

St. Louis County Attorney’s Office

Manage County prosecutors


Attorney of The Year 2017

Kenneth Udoibok has won this award twice, but he’ll probably never be named “richest lawyer in the Twin Cities.”

Udoibok, in solo and small practices for 23 years, represents underdogs, often in cases alleging they’ve been treated unfairly by the government, employers or insurance companies. In 2016, he won a lighter-than-expected sentence for a young Twin Cities man who had been radicalized to join ISIS. In 2017, he sued the federal government and Washington County, claiming that probation officers sexually abused or assaulted parolees. Those claims remain unresolved.

The Minneapolis lawyer also represents the family of a 22-year-old man who died in 2012 in the Stearns County Jail, where he had reported for failure to pay a $300 traffic fine. Video shows Jerome Harrell banging his head against the cell door and screaming all night long, but jail officers did not call a nurse to check on him. The wrongful-death case is on appeal in the 8th Circuit.

Udoibok’s origins and faith in Jesus and in the American justice system propel him. Growing up in Nigeria, he was recruited as a child soldier/translator. In college, he protested for democracy and witnessed government violence against friends.

“I have to protect the rights of people that are not sympathetic-looking,” Udoibok said. “It’s the only system we have — and I believe this whole heartedly that this is what separates us from every other country in the world.”

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