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28 Years Of Experience

We represent underdogs who have been treated unfairly by the government, their employers, or their insurance companies.
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Lawyer of the Year

Kenneth was Minnesota Attorneys Lawyer of the year in 2017.
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Minnesota Insurance Attorney and Civil Rights Lawyer

Our firm, Kenneth Ubong Udoibok, P.A., is a law firm in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is headed by Kenneth Udoibok, an experienced attorney who has decades of prior experience in law firms, television media, and prosecution, all with an impressive record of success. 

Our experienced team is committed to fighting for your rights, ensuring that employers and insurance companies adhere to fair practices. We understand the complexities of employment and insurance law, and we’re here to provide top-notch legal representation to those who have been wronged. Whether you’re dealing with workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, or an insurance claim that has been unjustly refused, our dedicated attorneys are here to help. Our firm stands as a beacon of justice, offering expert legal support to ensure fair treatment for all employees and policyholders.

We fuse smart strategies and our team’s seasoned expertise to consistently secure the best outcomes for our clients. Our legal strategies have allowed us to establish ourselves as one of the most aggressive litigators against bad employers, bad insurance companies, and bad cops.

No legal matter is too minor or too complex for us to handle. Whether it is termination of employment, sexual harassment, insurance claim, criminal investigation or police brutality, our seasoned practitioners and litigators are fully capable of handling your case.

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Legal Practice Principles

Lawyers are the architects of justice, shaping and sculpting legal frameworks to protect your rights and ensure fairness.  We serve as champions, representing your interests with passion and dedication. Through our expertise, we will navigate you through the intricate maze that is the law. 

Insurance Disputes

Our insurance litigation attorneys in Minneapolis also have extensive experience in defending clients against insurance bad-faith claims.

Criminal Law

Our attorneys and staff are experienced, dedicated and aggressive, and we bring our combined wealth of experiences to defend our…

Sexual Harassment

We recognize and affirm that sexual harassment is never the victim’s fault. We are strong advocates of individuals who come…


We represent whistleblowers for the same reasons that courageous men and women come forward to expose wrongdoing and injustice

Employment Law

Our team of employment law attorney bring decades of experience to the table with the highest caliber of counseling and…

Excessive Force Claims

We are committed to representing victims of police abuse in courts around the United States. We pursues excessive force cases…
Kenneth Ubong Udoibok, P.A.,

Minneapolis Criminal Attorney

Our clients come to us to handle legal matters of critical importance. We often navigate complex laws and regulations. In-depth knowledge and experience are crucial in representing our clients. We excel in cases that require excellent analysis, strategic courtroom skills and negotiations. Whether you are looking for insurance claims attorney, criminal defense attorney, employment law attorney or civil rights lawyer, we can handle your case with care.

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