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Some Questions That Customers Often Ask When Working With Us

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    Do you charge for a consultation?

    We aim to respond to all inquiries within 1-2 business days. We can note the details of your case via phone or email and guide you towards a best next step. If that step requires an in office consultation, we do charge for in office services, which gets credited to any fees your case may involve if you decide to retain us.

    What about out-of-pocket fees?

    All fees depend on the nature of the case.

    Therefore, it is impossible to say how much your case will cost without a further analysis of your particular situation.

    In some cases, we may be able to do cases for a continent fee, meaning we get pre-agreed percentage of the total money that we recover for you. This means minimal out of pocket costs. 

    Don't hesitate to reach out. We will work with you to make sure you obtain the outcome you deserve.

    Who will work on my case?

    Kenneth Udoibok, with his 28 years of experience, will advise you on case strategy, possible outcomes, estimated timelines, etc. The law is an interactive process, however, and you will play a large role and will have a final say in all aspects of your case.

    Does it matter how long I wait to file a lawsuit?

    While the law often lacks clear answers, the clear answer to this is YES. There are several reasons why you should not delay filing a lawsuit. First, many claims have what is called a "statute of limitations." It is often two years, but can be shorter or longer depending on the type of case. If you wait until after the statute of limitations for a particular case, you have forfeited your right to bring that case entirely. Second, bringing a lawsuit takes time to prepare. If you try to engage a lawyer on the day before the statute of limitations, it will be nearly impossible to put together a perfectly coherent case. Finally, a lawsuit requires you to remember as many details as you can. The longer you wait to file a suit, generally the weaker the complaint is.

    How much can I expect to win?

    Just like you are unlike any other person on the planet, no two cases are alike no matter how similar they may seem. There are always different facts, hiccups, and changing laws that complicate any case.

    Therefore, it is impossible without a consultation to know how much money it is possible to win. Keep in mind there are also non-monetary factors to consider: for example, a court could order a neighboring construction site to cease construction, aside from any monetary damages caused by the construction.

    Give us a call and we can discuss if you may have a case.

    How will my lawyer communicate with me?

    Two-way communication is very important in a lawyer-client relationship. Many of our lawyers communicate by email or phone. Regular contact with you is critical in order to provide updates on your matter and obtain your further instructions. It is our goal to respond to client emails or phone calls within 1-2 business days, where applicable.

    If you have a different preferred method of communication, let us know and we will be sure to accommodate.

    Is the information I tell my lawyer confidential?

    Any information we obtain during a consultation is confidential even if you decide not to hire us.

    During the course of our representation of you, most communications between us are confidential. There are limited circumstances where something you say may not be confidential, but that is one of the things we are sure to advise you on.

    “We aim to represent you zealously, fearlessly, and efficiently. We are always ready to serve.”

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