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West Pointe Condominiums

No claim is too large or too small for Kenneth Udoibok. West Pointe Condominiums suffered wind damage to its properties in 2012. Kenneth negotiated a $98,000 reasonable settlement of the wind claim without litigation.... Read More
$98,000 Settlement—West Pointe Condominiums vs. A

St. John's Woods Home Association

St. John’s Woods Homes Association manages a townhouse complex located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, which consists of thirty-one, one-and two-story, wood-framed 4-plex townhomes and 41 detached garages. In May 10, 2011, a severe thunderstorm hit St. John’s property and caused damages but Harleysville refused full coverage. Kenneth Udoibok brought suit in Federal Court against Harleysville Worcester Insurance Company on behalf of St. John’s Woods Association. The parties resolved the suit amicably before a Federal Magistrate... Read More
St. John’s Woods Homes Association v. Harleysville

Delos Insurance Company

Kenneth Udoibok handled a difficult insurance claim to a reasonable settlement. The case arose from a June 25, 2010 storm events. Two separate severe storms moved across the Twin Cities area the same day. The second of the two storms produced hail of approximately 1.75" in diameter; straight-line winds of approximately 63 mph; and 2.38" of rain, which produced flash flooding throughout the vicinity of West Pointe Condominiums. Delos Insurance Company vigorously disputed the extent... Read More
$350,000 Settlement—West Pointe Condominiums vs. D


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